Thursday, August 13, 2020


Before posting the next official blog, I feel I should respond to a few questions and concerns that friends and family have shared with me.

Are you really as neurotic and indecisive as you seem in your blogs? 



Why are you so mean to your husband?

This question came from my mother-in-law. No, not really, because she likes me more than she likes him. But after reading several of my posts, people have threatened to use the "Report Abuse" option that appears on the blog page in order to protect him. Don't be concerned, dear readers. My husband has given me his blessing and is willing to be, in his words, my "designated doofus." Plus, honestly, most of what I've written is true.


Is he still shredding?

Yes. The sounds of Z-Z-Z-r-r-r-p   Z-Z-Z-r-r-p   Z-Z-Z-r-r-r-p continue. But with thirty-some boxes of documents still to go, he has finally agreed to use the Groupon I found and we're planning a road trip to the Paper Tiger in Gurnee where they will shred 300 pounds of paper for $16.00. (This, by the way, is the most exciting thing we've done in a long time.)


How'd the bathroom turn out?

Okay. But I'm thinking I really should replace the vanity. And the mirrors. And the tub.


Is your dog really that cute?

This is her official portrait, which I once had made for my husband for Father's Day. So you tell me.